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 Snake Mother is available HERE for streaming and download on Cadence Music

Video for "Nothing but Dreams" Directed by Nick Ace & Mari Juliano, Costumes by Scott Stevenson

On Being with You from the EP Snake Mother set and draping by Devin Morris animation by Draeger Gilespie

The video for Ready for Love was directed and written by Eden Sela. Cake by Kristen Worrall additional art direction and directing by Emily Oliveira. Based on a live performance done in 2015 by Eden Sela at Superchief Gallery in Los Angeles.


Purgatory was released in 2015 by Thin-Wrist and is available on itunes and vinyl here:


                      "I Know you Got a Woman" Directed by Brock Enright                                       

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                                SNAKE MOTHER












                                      Indie Shuffle


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