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Singer-songwriter and pianist, Eden Sela, spent years gathering the experiences of love, heartbreak, yearning and fantasy that make her first album, Purgatory, pulse. The youngest of seven children, Eden comes from a family of philosophers, circus performers, artists and musicians. She spent her early years wandering the world and living between Baja Mexico and rural upstate New York. It wasn’t until she settled in Montreal and later Brooklyn that she found an artistic community of her own and began writing songs and performing…


Eden composed and recorded most of the songs on Purgatory alone in her bedroom. The voice in these songs is locked up, if only in her head; they are the thoughts of one once free, whose only escape is fantasy and dreams; and these songs—the music, lyrics, her voice— lead us, somnambulant, floating hand-in-hand, through these delusions and desires. With these songs Eden’s haunting voice and distinctive sense of folk and dark gospel lull us through the realms of Purgatory.





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